Shame Free, Compassionate, and Authentic
Sheryl Puterman developing weight loss plans

Hi, I am Sheryl

Founder and CEO of Nourishment Vitality Coaching. I am an internationally trained and certified Mind Body Nutrition & Wellness Practioner. Experienced in Stress Relief Management ,Meditation, Mindfulness and Conscious Relationships. Therefore, I bring years of wisdom, knowledge and practical strategies into my coaching practice .

Above all, while I do have many years of formal training under my belt. I know my true expertise comes from being an authority in the university of life. In other words, having lived a life. When I reached a time in my life when I realized that I have a story to tell. Because I wanted to help others with issues that I have experienced and healed through.

Here’s what I learned

For Instance, if you’ve been spending your life dieting, disliking your body, trying to shrink, constantly trying to prove yourself, feeling totally depleted of energy as a result, you’re chasing false fixes, not sustainable results. 

That’s what led me to study and certify as an internationally trained Mind Body Nutrition Coach and incorporate that into my work.

Because personal growth is not always easy. I get it! I’ve have been in your shoes. So by setting out to do something about it through self-study, formal certifications, seminars, and finally taking on the role of the teacher and coach.

Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, I was always trusted by my clients with their beauty and emotional needs.

Understanding the mind-body connection

In addition, I truly understand the mind-body connection and feel very blessed to have helped so many appreciate their natural beauty

At Nourishment Vitality Coaching We believe that…

You deserve an approach that treats you as a whole person from the start

When we work with you, you’ll always receive the full consideration and experience of a truly shame-free space. So you can have the environment and tools you need to truly transform how you feel, love, and treat your body.

When we work one-on-one in session you are learning and being guided by the best shame-free practices and teachings based both on formal training as well as the wisdom of many years of experience.

The kind of self-love you’ll cultivate will result in a natural shift in habits and self-care that will help carry you through to a life and body you love.

About my training:

  • Mind-Body Nutrition Coach – Institute for the Psychology of Eating (The world’s leading school in nutritional psychology)
  • Conscious Relationship Training –   Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Licensed and trained Facilitator in Soul Collage®
  • Skin and Body Care Therapy -Camelot International Health and Skin Care
  • Makeup Design – Institute of Practitioners in Therapy International
  • The Art of Makeup- Face to Face International make up design school
  • Aesthetician – Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
  • Multiple training’s, workshops and guidance from some of the world’s leading masters in stress relief management & concious relationships
Certification of Mind Body Eating coach for weight loss plans
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