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Understanding Unhealthy Habits and Stress

Why Us

Unhealthy habits and stress – Problems facing everyone in today’s fast-paced corporate lifestyle include…

Out of Balance

Many employees struggle to maintain healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle. This is due to a very busy, stressful, and demanding schedule.

Harmful Stress can have a Negative Effect on the body

Similarly, this stress impacts one’s personal and professional life.  However, it’s mostly in a negative way. It’s a struggle to find solutions to remedy these underlying root causes of unhealthy habits and stress.

Unhealthy Habits and Stress

Many employees practice unhealthy habits at home which they, in turn, bring into the workspace. In other words, this can create a collective unhealthy office culture and environment. This fast food, vending machine, and junk food culture is an unhealthy and stressful work environment. So do you really believe this is the best environment to create a thriving and successful corporate culture delivering optimum results?

Wrong Techniques

Frustration when employees do not have the correct science and techniques to prioritize their health and well being.  In other words, resulting in increased stress, brain fog, and fatigue at the office and at home.

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So, how do you keep your team in balance? Remove the unhealthy habits and stress ? Develop healthier habits, using the proper techniques that will increase personal and work productivity?

Perhaps you should consider…
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Group Workshops from Nourishment Vitality-Understanding Unhealthy Habits and Stress

Your #1 Sustainable Shame Free Approach for Stress, Fatigue & Weight Management

Activate your energy to accelerate your performance

As a professional and Certified Workshop and Group Facilitator, I combine my years of experience with my passion for Health and Vitality to deliver inspirational, motivational, and transformational presentations. In addition, Nourishment Vitality has powerful programs that can be delivered either as a single workshop or in a series.

Colleuges happy and exercising together

Workshops bring groups and employees together to educate.  For instance, to make healthier choices, improve communication techniques, strengthen a relationship and create a more productive, healthy work space.

They are a cost-effective and fun way to build team spirit and empower and motivate employees to adopt healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. Above all, our approach is grounded in smart science and results-driven strategies. In conclusion, our strategies and principles are designed to be nourishing, sustainable and yield results.

Celebrating healthy living

There are four main reasons to consider Nourishment Vitality:

  • 1. Helps achieve a perfect balance
  • 2. Identifies the root cause
  • 3. Teaches healthy habits
  • 4. Uses the best of mind and science

Let me expand on our approach which includes a efficient step-by-step plan using the most long-term sustainable approach to effect real and permanent change.

Rocks Balancing

Perfect balance

Moderate Mindset

Re-learn a new way of thinking, producing more balance with new habits .

Reality Check

Slow down and objectively ask yourself what is real.Re-assigne values to where it matters so your self-worth and self-esteem are not tied to old habits and behaviors.

Responsibility for Your Actions

Recognize that you are not a victim but are in complete control.  In other words, you are willing to take control and action.

Reducing Brain Fog

When you eat late, overdo it with alcohol, or sugar, your body feels sluggish and your mind feels clouded.  Therefore, by recognizing and eliminating these behaviors, you create awareness, increased clarity, and overall well being.

looking at horizon through glasses

Identifies the Root Cause

Daily Stressors & Triggers

Identifying the cause and effect factors of your daily routine and challenges.  Therefore, this allows you to lift the weight of stress & feel empowered.  Above all,  recognize your own individual stressors before they take over and ruin your day.

Basis of Harmful Long-Term Habits

Recognizing your repetitive behaviors and undesirable responses which have become detrimental to your health. In other words, you will be cultivating new habits and healthier lifestyle changes.

Mind & Body Coping Strategies

You will relearn new effective methods to minimize your stressful challenges that are nourishing for both body and mind.

Woman with healthy eating habits

Teaches Healthy Habits

Understanding Unhealthy Habits and Stress

Lunch Box Audit

So You will create a meal checklist, so you become more aware of food intake choices and the effect on your physical well being.  In addition, it will help in reducing unhealthy habits and stress.

Impact on Body and Metabolism

The effect nourishing foods and choices will have on your body and metabolism.   In addition, how it will have an alter on your digestion, health, and performance.

happy and motivated person

Incorporating the Best of Mind Science practices.

Incorporating Research

Because we will be combining the best of psychology and nutrition and the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behavior.  So you will have a far healthier system of metabolic efficiency and awareness.

Holistic Approach

So you’ll recognize the connections between all the elements of our humanity– body, mind, heart, and soul. In other words, this will enable you to maximize your potential with more power, purpose, and freedom.

Linking Health to Productivity

Because important evidence supports the idea that there is a strong connection between well being and productivity. Therefore, by having a healthier lifestyle you will have increased work satisfaction and morale while getting better performance and opportunities.

Nourishment Vitality workshop topics include

  • Stress Relief Management
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Changing Habits and Mind-Set
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • The Power of the Breath and Metabolic Awareness
  • Dynamic Eating Psychology
  • Body Image
  • Sustainable Weight Management
  • Emotional Eating
  • Over-Eating and Binge-Eating

Current research shows that happy and healthy employees demonstrate:

  • Increased work satisfaction
  • Heightened Productivity
  • Boosted Morale
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improve Company Image
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduced staff turnover

Are you interested in bringing a workshop to your organization or sharing it with your clientele?

I will speak at your events, facilitate workshops for your clientele or for your organization, and put together a group workshop series hosted by you.

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