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Weight or wellness tips may have been the main topic of conversation with friends, – Do you remember the first time you felt aware of how your body looked? When it was no longer about playing and hugging and dancing (as a kid) and it became about something else…

As a young girl, I remember sitting on my bed and thinking that when I see the world through loving eyes the world must become a loving place for me.

I know that is true to this day.

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Perhaps it might not have been one momentous occasion, but most of us can think back on (too many) times we looked in the  mirror and had the desire to change what we saw.

At some point, we started to assign value to how we looked and to feel worthier of love and acceptance if we could somehow fit the beauty norms of the time… Be thinner, Be prettier, Be stronger, Be…something else.

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Girls as young as five years old are aware of their bodies now more than ever and even going on diets!

If I could have sent a message to my younger self , I would tell her :-

“The joy is in the journey of trying, failing, experiencing small wins, trying again, getting further along, learning new things.

Embracing all of your imperfections is part of that journey.

I believe our relationship to our bodies, and so our relationship to our lives, has to change.

…and that’s what we do together, because you deserve a better approach.


Coaching from the heart

I reached a time in my life when I realized that I  have a story to tell, and I wanted to help others with issues that I have experienced and healed through.

For so long, I was trapped in a space of shame, guilt, of regret and anger at myself for having a dysfunctional and disordered relationship with food, my body and myself.

So in breaking down and cutting through those self-imposed chains of shame, I became committed to doing the mental work, the emotional work, and the inner work. The physical work became easier then.

Years of working in the beauty industry taught me so much. I was able to help clients bring to the outside the inner beauty they were finally discovering in themselves.

It’s a (worthwhile) journey, so pack your bags! The lessons are in it all; from living on three different continents, marriage, raising two sons, surviving natural disaster, overcoming overwhelming anxiety , to overcoming dysfunctional relationship with food. It was all important to get here today.

I used to feel not good enough, and now I know that I am.


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Certification of Mind Body Eating coach for weight loss plans
  • Mind-Body Nutrition Coach – Institute for the Psychology of Eating (The world’s leading school in nutritional psychology)
  • Conscious Relationship Training –   Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Licensed and trained Facilitator in Soul Collage®
  • Skin and Body Care Therapy -Camelot International Health and Skin Care
  • Makeup Design – Institute of Practitioners in Therapy International
  • The Art of Makeup- Face to Face International make up design school
  • Aesthetician – Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
  • Multiple training’s, workshops and guidance from some of the world’s leading masters in stress , stress management & breathing techniques


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Every struggle was my new teacher from which I learned this major lesson: Too many humans, like you and me, are taught to see our struggles with self-sabotaging behavior through the lens of shame, guilt, regret, and anger.
It’s time to stop the cycle…

I believe we need more shame free  approaches to wellness to be able to provide safe and sacred spaces for authenticity and truth to show up for other people so they lighten up by letting go of what no longer serves them and learn to love their life ,love their body and love themselves


I set out to do something about it through self-study, formal certifications, seminars, and finally taking on the role of the teacher and coach.

Internationally trained and certified, I work with a some of the most common challenges dealing with stress , stress management , anxiety , mood & fatigue .I also work with food and body challenges including weight, wellness tips, binge eating, overeating, body image, stress relief and various nutrition related health concerns.

When we work together, we bring together the science of nutrition and psychology to really create a breakthrough in how you feel love and treat your body.