• Are you very focused on outcomes, especially results that would make other think of highly of you?
  • Are you very focused on avoiding failure?  To fail in front of other is extremely stress-inducing!
  • Even when you do reach a milestone, you have a hard time celebrating the achievement!


#1 Sustainable
Shame Free Approach

Eliminating Nutritional Chaos and Confusion

Best combination practices using Psychology, Nutrition, Mind Body Science and Compassion

Shame free Wellness model -You can’t shame your weight off

Dismantling the willpower myth

Step by step strategies to less stress, fatigue, newfound confidence and a more fulfilled life

73% of people experience stress that effects physical & mental health.


Offering innovative results-focused wellness programs that address

  • Stress relief
  • Fatigue
  • Creating lasting healthy habits with correct nutrition practices.
Mediating person - being healthy and stress free


Science shows that relying on willpower, habit trackers and even accountability programs are not enough when it comes to lasting wellness and sustainable change.

You, your team, or your loved ones can benefit from…

Nourishment Vitality Programs

Activate your energy to accelerate your productivity & performance

Group working together

We implement a wellness approach that is…

  • Determined to eliminate nutritional chaos and confusion so you feel confident in your own personal wellness
  • Based on compassion and an understanding of the unique needs of each individual
  • A shame-free approach and transformation to less stress , healthier habits & balanced lifestyle
  • Easy to implement NOW, and see changes that will last you a lifetime
  • Verified by the best of mind & science, eating psychology & mind-body nutrition (identifying the true root cause)

You’re in good company

Speaking, Meeting and Sharing the Stage with some of the most Amazing & Inspiring Personalities

On stage with Jillian Michaels – TV personality , health & fitness guru

With Dr Phil McGraw
With Dr Phil McGraw
Mega Business JHB South Africa
Mega Business JHB South Africa
With Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Spector from Suits
With Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Spector from Suits
Presenting in Tel Aviv
Presenting in Tel Aviv
Speaking in Barcelona
Speaking in Barcelona
With Stedman Graham
With Stedman Graham
Speaking in South Africa
Speaking in South Africa
With Moira Forbes Exec VP Forbes Media
With Moira Forbes Exec VP Forbes Media


Hi, I am Sheryl

Founder and CEO of Nourishment Vitality

Welcome and thanks for visiting

I am an internationally trained and certified Mind Body Nutrition & Wellness Practioner. Expert in Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Conscious Relationships.

I bring years of wisdom, knowledge, and practical strategies into my practice.

While I do have many years of formal training under my belt. I know my true expertise comes from being an authority in the university of life.

“I have lived a life”

Personal growth is not always easy.

I get it! I have been in your shoes. Through my own life’s adversity and challenges  I learned to embrace my journey, find my voice and turn my weaknesses into my greatest strengths.

A mom of two gorgeous sons. Already having lived on three different continents, I have been blessed to have had wonderful masters along the way in what I call “my life’s journey”.

My family and I are survivors of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. It left a major imprint on my life and has given me a very deep understanding of human vulnerability and of living in the moment.

Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, I was always trusted by my clients with their beauty and emotional needs. I truly understand the mind-body connection and feel very blessed to have helped so many appreciate their natural beauty.

Problem & Alternatives

You want to change how you feel,

so you look to some common approaches to beating the stress, fatigue & unwanted weight gain.

You could try …

Extreme Exercise

But unless you want to become a professional athlete (not sustainable for your entire life), a minimal effort won’t burn enough calories to manage or keep off the weight.

Endless Dieting

You could try the latest fad dieting—but there are conflicting messages as to what works and gaining it back (and then some) is almost guaranteed.

Strengthening Immune System

Taking supplements every day without addressing the root cause of your stress or weight-gain won’t get you far. In fact, if your body is still in stress response, you’re still not absorbing the nutrients you need!

Quick fix to less Stress

When you are on the brink of burnout & fatigue , you may take a day off , plan a getaway or turn to unhealthy habits for comfort . This is only a temporary stress relief without a long term  plan.


Ignoring your stress, going numb, or overstimulating your mind with constant distractions are not going to offer the healing that your bodies and minds are craving. If you are stressed you cannot focus or be productive.

Unfortunately, many of these singular approaches are not sustainable when it comes to healing the effects of stress and fatigue. Nor do they address weight management. Too often the symptoms return, as does the shame and feeling defeated. In these cases, you may need help and guidance with a coach.

But … not all coaches are the same . Some do not identify the root cause, are not “kind” (you can’t shame your body into changing), and many use older approaches that don’t leverage the best of mind and science to create new healthy habits that will create a sustainable balance.

So, where do you turn?

 you should consider…

Nourishment Vitality

Sheryl Puterman Logo

#1 Sustainable Shame Free Approach for Stress, Fatigue & Weight Management

Together we explore the reasons that have been holding you back from

Accelerating your  potential & performance


  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Relationship conflict- personal & professional
  • Self -sabotaging habits
  • Poor body image
  • Nutritional related health concerns
  • Emotional, stress eating
  • Overeating, binge eating

There are 5 Main Reasons to consider Nourishment Vitality Wellness Programs


Helps achieve a perfect wellness balance.

You’ll learn a shame free model, reversing old beliefs to create a permanent shift for wellness. In addition, also eliminate nutritional confusion and chaos, dismantle the willpower myth and help you empower your life with a long-term sustainable approach . You’ll learn

Moderate Mindset

You will re-learn a new way of thinking, producing more balance with new habits.

Personalized Wellness Program

The program is tailored and focused on what is right for you, bringing unique guidance for your age, body type, issues, and lifestyle.

Reality Check

You’ll slow down and objectively ask yourself what is real, re-assigning values to where it matters so your self-worth and self-esteem are maximizing your potential.

Responsible for Your Actions

You’ll recognize that you are not a victim but are in complete control—so you are willing to take control and action .

Reduce Brain Fog

When you eat late, overindulge in unhealthy habits & behaviors, your body feels sluggish and your mind feels clouded, so by recognizing and eliminating this behavior, you create awareness, increased clarity, and overall wellbeing.

looking at horizon through glasses

Identifies the Root Cause

You’ll understand…

Daily Stressors & Triggers

Identifying and understanding the cause and effect factors of your daily routine and challenges, allows you to lift the weight of stress, feel empowered and recognize your own individual stressors before they take over and ruin your day, with an emphasis on wellness.

Basis of Harmful Long-Term Habits

Recognizing your repetitive behaviors and undesirable responses which have become detrimental to your health, you will be cultivating new habits and healthier lifestyle changes.

Coping Strategies

You will relearn new effective methods to minimize your stressful challenges that are nourishing for both mind, body, and wellness.

Your Story Matters

Your life’s journey reveals your most powerful personal insights, purpose and appreciation. You will feel encouraged towards self-discovery, wellness and growth.

piece of paper with mindfulness written on it

Teaches Kind Mindfulness

You’ll understand…

Self-Compassion and Acceptance

By being kind and aware of yourself, your feelings and bodily sensations in the present moment, will bring more compassion into your practices so you are no longer dominated by stress and fear.

Insightful Inspiration

Taking a deeper dive into the heart of an issue and exploring from within, will give you a clearer understanding and creative solutions to experience more freedom.


You will receive full consideration of a shame-free, authentic and compassionate environment where you can tell the truth about your whole story-learning from your experiences and creating opportunities for  wellness ,growth and self-improvement .

Finding Peace with Food

Disrupting old beliefs and systems of diet and weight obsessions by understanding that you are so much more than what you eat will allow you to feel more relaxed and make a difference in the way you feel.

Woman with healthy eating habits

Helps you Develop Healthy Wellness Habits.


Family Participation

A family’s support and respect around health, nutrition, food and body image is encouraged, improving stronger, more understanding communication and supportive relationships within your family.

Incorporating a Lunch Box Audit

You will create a meal checklist, so you become more aware of food intake choices and the effect on your physical wellbeing.

Impact on Body Wellness and Metabolism

The positive effects of stress relief techniques improve your emotional metabolism. Nourishing foods and choices will have significant positive results on your metabolism, digestion, health, and performance.

happy and motivated person

Uses the Best of Mind Science.

You’ll understand…

Incorporating  Research

By combining the best of psychology and nutrition and the fascinating connections between brain, body and behavior will bring you a far healthier system of metabolic efficiency and awareness.

Holistic Wellness Approach

Recognizing and understanding the connections between all the characteristics and elements that make us human (body, mind, heart and soul) will enhance your ability to maximize your potential living with more power, purpose and freedom.

Linking Health to Productivity

Significant evidence supports the idea that there is a strong connection between wellbeing and productivity, so by adopting a healthier lifestyle you will have increased work satisfaction and morale and peak your performance and opportunities.

All while using a Systematic Wellness
Step-by-Step Plan

Using the most long-term, sustainable approach to effect real and permanent change.

PCP ™ Approach

You will take pride in your achievements, exercise compassion (with caring and self-forgiveness for self-sabotaging patterns) that results in a permanent shift in your lifestyle to provide a sustainable change.

One Habit at a Time

You’ll focus on one goal at a time so you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and will reach your larger goals quicker.

At Your Own Pace

Setting your own rhythm at a speed that is comfortable for you, allows you to achieve your desired goals while fitting in with your wellness lifestyle.

Together Step-by-Step

You are not alone—but are led through a carefully curated and structured plan with guidance, compassion, and care, with an accountability partner.

What’s Holding You Back?

Now that you have seen some of the advantages of Nourishment Vitality Coaching, what’s holding you back.

Following are the most common questions :

I am overwhelmed at home, stressed at the office  & not focused- How can you help?

Even when you can’t control the stressors of life, we teach your mind & body to become stress-resistant and resilient through our whole mind-body approach. With our programs you will find the constriction of stress lifting from your mind & body. This has the natural affect of opening up opportunities your stressed mind would not allow you to see before.

Willpower – I am a willpower weakling and can’t stick to a program.

You’re not alone. Willpower won’t answer why you behave the way you behave, you need something bigger to sustain transformation. That’s what we address. 

How do I get to my desired weight, so I look thinner and smaller to feel accepted? I am looking for results

It depends on your current age, weight, your food habits, your current metabolism, and if you have had any unusual food issues. There is a universal misconception that has led to a toxic cultural thin ideal, body dissatisfaction, and disorderly and dysfunctional eating habits. We concentrate on and solve many of the core issues—which manages weight and increases self-esteem.

I have been on many programs, but the problems just comes back–why are you different?

This new approach addresses your challenges holistically. It may include changes to diet, increased physical activity and movement, but also a way of looking at the problem and yourself differently, which creates a long-term sustainable approach.

Picture This


So, feeling stuck and working from home with “zoom fatigue and you know your “next shift “is about to begin. So family, cleaning, dinner, checking emails, the list is endless. All you can think of is going into the freezer and finishing off those last 2 tubs of ice-cream and then some. You do this every night until it is now a habit.

Your clothes are feeling tight, you’re feeling sluggish, and you have brain fog.  Stressed, feeling like a willpower weakling. In other words, you’re thinking of chasing another false fix !!

You are back there again, stressing out! 

Lady crying in her hands from lack of weight loss


Life With Nourishment Vitality Programs…
You take a deeper dive and experience the magic of a breakthrough and shape shift your old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. And this time you adapted to a healthy work-life balance.

You are keeping yourself in balance both mentally and physically. Not only that, now you are intentional about developing healthy habits. You wake up refreshed with a good night’s stress-free sleep. In addition, there’s a spring in your step and an increase in both personal and work productivity.

Life is good!!!

Lady on the beach in her happy place after weight loss

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